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Inspected on 24/02/2014


Wellcroft Farm, Grindon is situated in the heart of the Peak District National Park and enjoys spectacular views over the Manifold Valley.

It is also home to Manifold Valley Meats, who run a comprehensive range of livestock services including Butchery, Wholesaling, Pet Foods, Exports and an Approved Finishing Unit for TB restricted cattle from the farm.

Purchased in 2010, Wellcroft Farm has undergone huge renovations including the construction of two new livestock sheds designed around the needs of the business to ensure safety, ease of use and adherence to livestock welfare regulations.

The programme of building continues with the construction and development of a new, purpose built, processing and cutting plant planned for completion in 2013.

Manifold Valley Meats specialise in the supply and production of heavy carcasses for Europe, as well as supplying local butchers with carcasses and boxed meats.

We use all breeds of cattle, and all sizes and weights, buying direct from farmers in the UK in addition to supporting leading UK livestock markets including Market Drayton (Barbers), Chelford (Marshalls) Leek (Leek Auctions Ltd), Bakewell (Bagshaws).

Manifold Valley Meats currently turn over 1,000 fattening cattle per annum from their Peak District farm and are continuing to develop the business at a rapid rate.

With public concern growing over not only where our food comes from but how it is produced and how many food miles it travels before it reaches our plates, Manifold Valley Meats aim to finish animals reared either on our own family farm or sourced from a few carefully selected farms. Our meat is additive free, from stock that is mainly grass fed and no hormones or unnecessary drugs are used. This is meat produced as it used to be, using traditional methods and prepared on our premises.

Animals, like people, need medicines too. We use advice from professional veterinary surgeons, animal nutrition advisers and others to ensure that their livestock are kept healthy and their welfare is maintained in line with or better than the current animal welfare legislation.

Recent years have seen outbreaks of more “exotic” diseases such as Bluetongue, Avian Influenza and others and increasing levels of ‘endemic’ diseases such as Bovine Viral Diarrhoea and liver fluke. Such diseases are difficult to control and eradicate by good husbandry alone. Veterinary medicines, including vaccines, are tools that aid the good health and well-being of farm animals.

We are part of the SAI Global/FABBL assurance scheme and they are licensed to use the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Beef and Lamb Standards which all major retailers and buyers recognise and accept.

Meeting the requirements of these standards allows us as producers to demonstrate that our husbandry and welfare on farm meets nationally agreed levels of best practice, and gives an assurance to the consumer that the product is safe.

The Standards cover:

  • ·Identification and traceability
  • ·Farm animal management
  • ·Environment and hygiene management
  • ·Feed composition, storage and use
  • ·Housing and handling facilities
  • ·Medicines and veterinary treatments
  • ·Transport of livestock
  • ·Expansion of home-mixing standards for feed
  • ·Herd/flock health plans
  • ·Waste management plans.

We are now working in partnership with the Better Regulation Delivery Office to further develop and promote our business.




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