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Box of Meaty Dinner, 10% bone, 10% offal – Made using a mix of proteins. 24 x 1lb packs £25 per box
Minced Pork Dinner (approx 10% bone, 10% offal – single protein) £1.40 per lb (454g)

Minced Beef Dinner (approx 10% bone, 10% offal – single protein)

£1.40 per lb (454g)

Minced Lamb & Duck (approx 20% bone) 90p per lb (454g)

Minced Turkey & Lamb (approx 20% bone)

£1.00 per lb (454g)

Minced Lamb with Bone (using whole Lamb Carcass approx 15% bone) £1.35 per lb (454g)

Minced Duck & Beef (approx 20% bone)

90p per lb (454g)

Minced Turkey Carcass (approx. 40% bone) 90p per lb (454g)
Minced Tripe & Chicken (approx 20% bone) 75p per lb (454g)

Minced Chicken Carcass (approx. 40% bone)

60p per lb (454g)

 Minced Lamb & Chicken (approx 20% bone)

90p per lb (454g)

Minced Beef & Chicken (approx 20% bone)

80p per lb(454g)


Minced Lamb & Beef £1.00 per lb (454g)

Economy Beef

90p per lb (454g)

Minced Best Pork £1.50 per lb (454g)
Minced Beef Tripe 90p per lb (454g)
Economy Pork 90p per lb (454g)

Minced Meaty Mix, box of 24lbs (a mixed mince using any meat used in our full range, inc bone, offal or tripe. May contain shot)


Minced Liver, 250g 70p

Duck Necks, 1kg


Ox Tongue Chunks, 1kg £5.25

Pair of Veal Knuckles


Mixed Bones, 5kg


Calf Legs £3.00 each
Whole Ox Tongue £4.50 each
 2 x Whole Oxtails £7.00
Beef Chunks, 1kg £5.25
Lamb Chunks, 1kg £5.25



*Always supervise your dog when feeding and select foods that are appropriate for your dog’s age and size.

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