butchery services

In 2014 we designed and built a state of the art EC and FSA approved cutting plant, built of local stone to blend in with the traditional farm building in the locality. We currently provide a full butchery service to our customers including full traceability and yields; essential for our farmers and customers to get the very best out of their livestock.

We supply to retail butchers, local restaurants, and farmers, offering a bespoke service “from farm to fork”.

Our processing services include:

  • Full Butchery and packing
  • Full product traceability
  • Yields and percentages
  • We consider the above to be essential in today’s farming market to give reassurance and food chain information for the customer, and product feedback for the farmer.

    Our products are processed under the supervision of our FSA Official Veterinarian, ensuring the highest standards are continually adhered to.